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Welcome to the Brain Integration Institute

Our Mission and Vision embodies the process of whole body healing. Our advanced energy healing practices focus on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energetic bodies.

When we bring our “bodies” in to a centered state of balance, energetic harmony flows through our physical bodies, thus creating a balanced brain and nervous system.

When our Brain and Nervous System are in balance or homeostasis we feel good and our health is maintained, restored and revitalized. Experiencing vitality is our optimal state of health and wellbeing!

Creating these states of wellbeing is our goal at the Brain Integration Institute. We strive to create levels of spontaneous healing by providing you with meaningful and foundational support in your healing journey. Once daily levels of self-healing are achieved and integrated, health and happiness flourish!

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I took the time to listen to your podcast this morning and I am so glad I did. Changed the entire direction of my thoughts and my day. Like a heavy burden/weight taken away! Buried deep within me, even though I know better, was a doubt of my abilities. Even after my studies, I felt this emptiness by not being able to “hear” my angels when I would ask for assistance or direction. I have always been a ‘touch or see’ individual and now I understand and know that that’s okay! Thank you, thank you!

DB, Illinois

  foundation brain integration program, brain and nervous system

I have taken 3 of 4 classes and they have been amazing. Ashley and Annie are the real deal! My brain has felt very calm and focused lately and I have been getting a lot done! I just feel so peaceful. Thank you so much for these blessings!

Andrea Troutner, Los Angeles, CA

I’m still feeling good after the two sessions. The first session I was so physically ill from stress and emotional toxicity, and I knew it was from within because my daughter wasn’t catching it or giving it to me. I learned in the first session that I was relying heavily upon the approval of others to give myself permission to be happy and to approve myself. I realized that I was giving my power away, somehow feeling it was my responsibility to take upon myself, needs of others, although still not quite sure why. It was that day, that I started to give myself permission to not need the approval of others. The toxic situation between me and my daughter’s father had less hold on me and I began to give more because I wanted to help others and not because I needed approval or to feel better about myself. I felt a step closer to being healthy, inside and out. I learned to be more aware of judgements toward myself, and make a conscious effort to start letting them go to love and accept myself, and to release some of the fears that drove my energies much of my life. The second session continued to remind me not to have judgements in order to allow my personal energy to self heal. It took me to the next level of the energy existence between people and the overlapping of energies and the realization that I’m not obligated to the wants and needs of other energies around me. I am my own person and I don’t have to take on to myself the pressuring energies of so many around me, needing and wanting from my energy, in order to give myself permission to exist. I never realized the pressure and people’s energies pressing and overlapping mine and it felt good to give myself permission to focus more on being autonomous and having boundaries between my energy and those around me. I can give myself permission to exist and to be happy. I don’t have to be pressured by masculine energy because I am female. As a female, it’s not my responsibility to  meet the needs of male energies, especially my daughter’s father, which I’m still trying to learn but in a much better and stronger place then before. I am learning that I can and need to stop frequently during my day, to focus on healing and relaxation for myself. I can give myself permission to take care of me.

C.R., Burbank, CA

I really enjoyed the Brain Integration Program.  I learned many new concepts, and that is saying something, as I am a bit of an energy healing and new age junkie. 😉  I love how Ashley and Annie laid out a simple process that you can do on your own to help facilitate self healing.  They also offered some wonderful live clearings and energy work on the call that was very powerful and effective.  I experienced a lot of coughing, burping and yawning which means a lot of energy was clearing!  This was my first time working with Annie and I was very impressed with her ability to tap into specific issues coming up with the participants on the call, and Ashley’s energy is always so calming and soothing. My emotion and stress around my issue decreased greatly after the program.  I specifically found that I just felt a lot more ease surrounding this issue.  I was much less worried about it, I felt an increase in confidence about the issue being able to be resolved and even felt that it just wasn’t that important anymore.  I learned some excellent tactics for pain management and felt a greater clarity about connecting with my higher self.  Overall the program was very effective and beneficial.

Andrea T., CA

I am completely filled with grace, gratitude and love on all levels of PEMS [Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual] almost to the point of being speechless. I am intoxicated with love for this whole, glorious, creation called the Brain! Magnificent! What a gift! With gratitude…

Shoba Malone, San Diego, CA

“I feel like a new person. I sleep so much better now. I’m in a happier mood. I’m loving my life for the first time ever. Thank you!”

M. Taylor, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Wow, you blew me out of the water! You really know your stuff. It really shows. I am still processing all the ways in which I changed.

Marina M.-C., San Diego, CA

The call went from zero to 90 minutes and during that time my pain went from 10 to a zero. (Let’s not call it a “zero”, let’s call it WHOLE!) I took your advice and let go of my ideas of how my healing intention would be fulfilled and it worked. At the end of you healing program, I felt centered, peaceful and happy. I learned so much…with love and gratitude,

MAJ, San Diego, CA

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