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Psychic Support – Our Psychic Enhancements Energy Transmission Program is for everyone, and it is especially useful for Highly Sensitive People (HSP) who may feel they are highly Intuitive or Psychic. HSPs often experience overwhelm or a dis-eased states of being from taking in or holding on to the uncomfortable energies described as physical, emotional, mental or spiritual discord in their lives. All of us have intuitive abilities in some form or another and we all strive to connect to those abilities to enhance them in to positive attributes for their toolbox. Developing skill sets inside our psychic abilities promote mastery and unlimited possibilities for health and healing. Of note, these challenges of being psychic and multisensory are the most common scenarios for people:

  • Many have suppressed their gifts or abilities as children and wish to return to explore and discover the joys of feeling connected to Nature, others and the world.
  • Others have continued to adapt through coping mechanisms from the multisensory overwhelm and modify their innate abilities by diminishing their talents with some success and challenges that leaves the person feeling inept, incapable and uncertain.
  • Those who have come in well connected, with deep understanding and feel mired in society and the suppressions around them, find themselves unable to fully express their abilities.
  • Children today are being born with a strong sense of non-separation (non-duality) with humanity, Nature and the world. They seek guidance, understanding and compassion for continued expression of their gifts.



Psychic Problems

Psychic Problems – Serious problems arise for Highly Sensitive People when they do not have management tools –tools to do self-care. Problems such as:

  • Entity burdens, whether attached or unattached but negatively affecting them
  • Discordant energies of others that stay in their body and home or workplace environment.
  • The discordant energies of disease and pain that originated in others but now is shared or resides in the body of the Highly Sensitive Person who took it on conscious or unconsciously. 

The Importance of Psychic Self-Care
Self-care is an important aspect for all Highly Sensitive People. We are all being called to do self-care now, because we are experiencing extremely elevated levels of energies on the 5th dimension.

Self-care also supports healthy brain and nervous system functions. These systems are a priority in routine psychic support for oneself. Without a healthy brain and nervous system, Highly Sensitive People place themselves at risk for illness, chronic pain, disease, overwhelm from chronic stress and the experiences of other people’s discordant energies. You reduce and eliminate your risk of going into a diseased state through two main areas:

  • improved connection to your Inner Guidance, which provides you with heightened awareness of how we interact with the energies in life from people, place and things
  • a commitment to doing self-care. 

Psychic Support begins with you! All that you need or desire for your wellbeing is already within you. There is no need to look any farther than inside yourself and we can show you how. When you learn how to give yourself psychic support, you will begin to care for and cultivate the very gifts you were given without having to carry around the discordant energies you took into your body. You will be able to access your unconscious mind and heal what you discover there. These discoveries once healed will bring you a greater sense of peace and happiness, which promotes health and vitality in the physical body.

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Taking care of yourself is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1 – Sign up now to receive the free eBook “Psychic Self-Care for Highly Sensitive People” using this link. We will only email you to support you on your personal journey of self-care.

Step 2 – Find us on Facebook. We have a special group formed just to support you while you learn the Psychic Self-Care processes. The group is called Psychic Self-Care for Highly Sensitive People.

Step 3 – Buy 12-weeks of remote energy transmissions from two of the worlds most dynamic, empathic and compassionate advanced energy healers. Psychic Enhancements is a 12-week program to open and support:

  • receive “energetic baggage” clearing of discordant energies in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies
  • connect more fully to your Inner Guidance
  • access your inner knowing to listen and talk with your innate DNA system
  • stimulate improved conversations with your body to increase your awareness of energies inside and outside of your body
  • increase your ability to stand in your power and notice the Truth of you to create the world you want
  • deepen your empathic, telepathic, clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychokinesis and more to develop your abilities into skills
  • trust and work with your intuition


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