Accessing the world from within yourself and having strong inner guidance is now more effortless as a great convergence of energy has moved us out of old thinking and into deeper connection with God. (Ref: The Golden Age and 5th Dimension)

inner guidanceInner Guidance Reveals Your Divine Human Potential

We founded the Brain Integration Institute when we realized the need people have for “self-healing” and deeply transformative programs. Collectively, we are going through powerful changes on the level of humanity right now and many people are confused about what to think or who to trust as they move forward on their path. The old thinking is leaving and the new, spiritually awakened thinking –or highly conscious thinking is replacing it. This means we are feeling the energies of life more and more and it is making many people uncomfortable and uncertain. We are supporting people in a multitude of ways and one way is by helping them connect to their Divine Human Potential through accessing their inner guidance.

On the day of the Solar Eclipse in August of 2017 Ashley Lee and Annie Peterson-Kolatkar podcasted together on News For The Soul. It was a day of great opportunity for people to tune into their inner wisdom…their Enlightened Self and their sovereignty. This podcast has embedded energy healing in it and you may receive it any time you listen to it. You can learn more about the many ways you may be accessing your inner guidance already and pick up some additional ways to open and receive even more. We have entered a time where it has never been easier for accessing the world from within ourselves but it also means we have to adjust our level of sensitivities accordingly as we move into, for example, great empathy and telepathy. To learn even more listen to our internet radio show “Accessing the World From Within Yourself” here.

The Big Lie You Have Been Told

You’ve been told that you are this insignificant speck in the universe, but the opposite is true. You are much bigger than the universe. The universe is inside you. How is this True? It is True because you are Spirit. You are still “home” with God and never left. You are still One with the Mind of God. Let that sink in for a moment.

When you are in the Mind of God and it is in your Mind, you have access to all knowledge. And you can access it with some practice and refining of your skills.

The Founders Personal Stories of Early Inner Guidance

When Ashley was an infant, she could see distortions in the energies and experience the dimensions individually and very fully. As she learned to talk and share, she discovered that not everyone could see and experience this. As she was judged for being different she began shutting down her special abilities like being empathic, intuitive and telepathic. This is quite common in children who are open to the energies of life as parents and other family members are unfamiliar with raising a highly sensitive person and often scared of these abilities.

Annie was highly sensitive to beauty in all forms, other’s feelings and body language as a young child. She could read people’s body language and into their words which often conflicted with what they were saying out loud. She could see colorful auras around people, like her teachers. Hardly anyone could relate to this or help her understand what any of this meant. As she grew up and honed her intuitive abilities, she discovered some powerful innate talents after the age of 40 that were only revealed when she found her feet firmly planted on her path as a healing facilitator.

Methods of Accessing The World Inside Yourselfinner guidance, accessing the world from within yourself, advanced energy healing, emotional wisdom, higher self connection

How many of these methods do you already use to access inner guidance?

  • Reading signs from Mother Nature
  • Reading dreams
  • Reading oracles and divination systems
  • Being a representative in Family Constellation Therapy in the Knowing Field
  • Reading energetically recorded libraries and records such as the Akasha
  • Using a pendulum
  • Muscle testing

Inner Guidance can be confusing for many. Especially when all of us start as young empathic infants and have little to no experience or wisdom to guide the interpretation and use of the guidance received at an early age.

In most cases, the youngest human beings shut down empathic understanding when receiving undesirable feedback. As a negative consequence, our natural gifts and connection to our inner guidance is shut down for fear of being separate or not belonging.

6 Common Questions and Concerns About Inner Guidance

  1. Can I access my inner guidance?
  2. Can I trust it?
  3. How do I interpret my inner guidance?
  4. From the interpretation is it about Me or Others? –or Life Circumstances?
  5. How do I act upon my interpretation?
  6. Does my inner guidance and I grow and learn from those experiences?

NOTE: It’s wonderful that nowadays we are learning to forgive the mistakes of well-intentioned family members and learn more positive attributes from the situations we’ve experienced.  We’re not powerless as we once thought. If you have experienced criticism from family for being highly sensitive you can now release those judgments and forgive them. This will clear more of the path that has clouded accessing your inner guidance.

What Happens When You Honor and Trust Your Inner Guidance

Your inner guidance will only get stronger and clearer as you accept and trust the answers.

Many of our website readers/listeners work as healers professionally. They will tell you that cultivating trust is very important. If you stand in doubt and mistrust, you are standing in a low frequency vibration. That is not helpful when facilitating healing for a client or patient. They know that standing in their True Nature, which is Love, is where they can access higher consciousness and Truth.

How do you move out of doubt or high expectation of outcome?

Let us give you an example to consider. If you are intuitively checking in on your child who has a mild diagnosis of autism about whether or not they need extra support in the classroom such as an aide, you may have to let go of your ideas and beliefs about your child and autism and all the projections of others (from many sources such as family, doctors, therapists and school) because they can influence how you hear the inner guidance and interpret it. If your left brain equates “my child has sensory processing problems” with “everything I have read about sensory processing problems and how to overcome them applies to my child” you will not get good answers on what your child needs specific to them. When we don’t clear our Mind of our filters we go into what we expect to hear and deliver that to our Mind as truth, but it is distorted information.

inner guidance, accessing the world from within, advanced energy healingDoubt works the same way. It erodes our confidence in trusting the answers we receive.

If you recognize that you are in doubt or fear of the outcome or answer, when you are tuning into your internal guidance system, call a friend to help you sort for the answers you are seeking. The reason this happens to all of us is that your left brain will rely on your history and learning and your conscious and unconscious expectations about the answer. This gives false or distorted information, which can lead you down a rabbit hole.

All of us here at the BII text or call about questions in a “blind” manner to our colleagues to help us get clear guidance. We especially do this when we are asking questions about ourselves or our immediate family because we often wear blinders about the Truth of Who We Are. The ego can get in the way of learning the Truth. And the ego can project what we want to hear on the answers. Having a friend who stands in integrity for you is a true blessing. Find a friend that is intuitive and practice with each other.

How To Work With A Friend To Access Guidance

Mike Peterson, founder of the Changework Institute and a BII colleague, when studying known viable healing processes with his colleagues, identified a method nearly a decade ago that he calls “Beaming”. Beaming is simple. It is an internal maneuver of consciousness or thought that is NOT spoken (note: it could be written down). It is energetically sent over to the other person like telepathy and typically from the heart region. The other person consciously receives it as an “energetic download” similar to a wireless download on a cellphone or computer. The receiver “checks-in” on the question “vibrationally” and asks if it is a yes or no (or percentage, if that is being requested).

Step By Step
  • Let a friend know you need an answer about something.
  • Get clear on the question.
  • Let your friend know what type of answer you are looking for. Tell them it is a yes or no question –or you are looking for a percentage, or a number between 1 and 5, etc.
  • Beam a question over to them and wait.

Here’s an example of working blind:

Hi Annie, can you check in for me? Q1, yes or no Q2, percentage if any Q3, yes or no

Hi Ashley, Q1=yes Q2=55-60% (my answer was moving, not fixed…feels like a ballpark answer) Q3=yes, but a tiny bit no for some reason

Hi Annie, thanks. Can you check in again on Q3? I’ve rephrased it with more clarity behind my thinking.

Hi Ashley, Q3=yes.

Hi Annie, thanks!

In these examples, Annie doesn’t even need to know what it was that Ashley wanted her to check in on. This is called working blind because Annie cannot project her ego or left brain on the question. Annie is using her internal guidance system to check in on the questions Ashley was holding in her mind and energy fields.

The more telepathic or intuitive the friend helping you is, the more data they will receive when they  check in, which is why we shared some of the additional data that came in with the yes or no or percentage questions. It helps the inquirer get even more clear answers.

How to Correct The Error of Your Ways
  • Check your polarity in case it is reversed or flipped
  • Recognize you’re doing it and are not in Truth anymore
  • Consciously go to Neutral or Truth
  • Put aside your filters
  • Work blind with a friend
Why Practice Connecting With Your Internal Guidance?

You have amazing access to everyday stuff.

  • How about asking your body what it wants to eat or drink?
  • Or if a supplement is the best one for you? Or if your body still needs the supplement(s) you are on.
  • How about being lost on a hike? –what direction should I go to get back to my camp?
  • What floor of the parking garage did I leave my car on?
  • What aisle is the ketchup and mayonnaise on?
  • Does my spouse need dinner tonight?
  • Will my best friend want the red shirt or the pink sweater for her gift?
  • Self-diagnosis/root cause: gut issues or even just a headache.
  • …The list is endless!

Would You Like Help Accessing The World Within You?

We work with many clients who want this deeper connection to their internal guidance system…and we support them in numerous ways.

We can help you:

  • Get conscious with your unconscious thoughts
  • We can help you EXPERIENCE your Enlightened Self so you can TRUST your Inner Guidance
  • We can help you learn how to become Sovereign (or free) from your Conflicts and those of others at any time…which frees up your energy to access your internal guidance with more clarity. The more you open to Higher Guidance the more you are going to receive.
  • Gain access to resources previously suppressed. These can be areas in your unconscious or other versions of you.

We have a program that covers all this and more. It’s 3-Sessions with the 2 of us (Annie & Ashley) helping you reach your Divine Human Potential. We will work on some of the following, if it applies to you or customize your sessions just for you.

Apply the power of conscious thought, with support from all lifetimes, into your present intentions

  • Resource other versions of you and raise your collective consciousness in all lifetimes inside the One dimension
  • Download healing codes for all versions of you
  • Collapse and Unify multiple timelines onto a path of unity with support and compassion
  • Experience more peace and bliss on your current timeline(s)
  • Help the earth and all of humanity advance into higher consciousness
  • Upgrade your DNA and clear cellular memories of discordant energies
  • Unlock your Divine Human potential
  • Shine the Truth of your True Nature (love) to all versions of you and those around you

You will meet three times for one hour each time with advanced energy healers Ashley Lee and Annie Peterson-Kolatkar over a three-week period. This period of time will allow you to gently shift and change with time for brain and nervous system integration to occur.

Together we will support deep and transformative healing for you on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels and get you connected even deeper to your internal guidance system. Accessing the world within you awaits you…are you ready?

Click here to invest in yourself.

Warmest regards,
Annie & Ashley
Founders and Advanced Energy Healers

PODCAST: To learn even more about how effortlessly connect to your inner guidance when you want it and learn to trust it as you access the world from within yourself.listen to our internet radio show “Accessing the World From Within Yourself” here.