What if the person who needs it can’t be on the call? –prison, hospital, illness, spouse, child, war, distant relative or friend, or doesn’t understand what is going on?

  • This is not a problem. We often work remotely on people and still get the same excellent results.

How does this work and what can I expect?

  • Our programs are presented in a global, online video interactive and experiential format. These programs can be accessed and participated in via computer, tablet or phone. As for how this works, the healing occurs on the Quantum level. Please watch our video How This Works.

Do I need more than one session?

  • People typically experience big positive changes with our Foundation Brain Integration Program. However, many people have specific brain or medical issues and our other Programs are designed to meet their needs. Please review our other programs to learn if you would benefit from these healing events. You may also consider these other offerings as preventative maintenance for your own health and well-being. We offer a generous 20% discount to enable people to take all four programs when purchased all at once.

Can you help someone with special needs like autism, Down syndrome, CP or MS?

  • Yes, we have helped hundreds of children, teens and adults with disabilities.

Can you help with Sensory Processing Disorder, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia?

  • Yes, this is exactly why we founded these programs. We discovered we could help improve the lives of people with these disabilities.

Is it ok to get integration work done while pregnant?

  • Yes, and it helps your baby too.


Can you help with PTSD?

  • Yes, very much so! People report being able to sleep better, experience peace, have better relationships and more.

Can you help with anxiety, fears, phobias?

  • Yes, we work with that part of your brain (and nervous system) that is responsible for your survival. Most of these problem areas are due to the brain firing and wiring together.
  • Our colleague Mike Peterson, a world renowned expert in this area, can address your unique fears and phobias in as little as one session. Depending on the events behind the PTSD, two or more sessions may be indicated.

Can you help with depression, mental illnesses like schizophrenia, bipolar, BPD, etc?

  • Yes. Each of these issues are unique but often not unlike each other in terms of their ability to interfere with your well-being.
  • Anne Peterson-Kolatkar is an expert in looking at the root cause of your mental illness, which often is rooted in family system pain. To learn more, set up a medical constellation.


Can you help with Traumatic Brain Injuries, in a Coma or who is unconscious?

  • It depends on the degree and unique circumstances of each individual. Please contact us directly using our contact page to discuss.

Can you help vision issues, hearing problems, balance or vertigo issues?

  • Yes in a multitude of ways. However, each of these symptoms has a unique root cause, unique to the person that needs to be released in order to shift the experience.

Can this advanced energy healing work help people with seizures, Alzheimer’s or Dementia?

  • It depends on the stage of the disease, the person’s unique circumstances and more.


Can children benefit from this?

  • It is safe, gentle, natural for children, they take to it easily and quickly!

Do children need more sessions?

  • depends on problems, they often need more integration due to different milestones, for immediate problems one session may be enough, however, for deeper long term chronic issues, more than one session is typically indicated.

Is it ok to get integration work done while pregnant?


Can you help me get unstuck with my life?

  • Sure! This is a matter of restoring balance.


What part does spirituality play in well-being?

  • Spirituality is the natural balance between your soul and the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of being human. In a sense, your entire body is your Spiritual Brain. You are the thinking and experiential part of your soul. It takes the sum of all parts to be whole. In truth all parts remain forever connected, it’s just that while we are here in the physical world our frequencies of being get so dense and slow, we “forget” we are always whole and connected to soul. When balance is restored, your sense of well-being returns.

I feel spiritually dead inside…is this because of my brain?

  • We don’t make judgments about how the brain affects one’s soul. Balance can be restored.

Please don’t wait and contact us now. We want to answer your questions and get you the help you need.