Intuition Technologies is a process that supports you in connecting to your intuition. Intuition Technologies are also formulas for supporting your learning, guidance and direction so you have peace and confidence on your life path.

This article is using the example of using your intuition for the purpose of talking with your body to create health. Intuition Technologies can help you connect to the innate intelligence of your body, to your awareness, to choose foods that energize you! [Scroll down to read more.]

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A BIG SHOUT OUT TO….Specialty Produce Network for providing all the amazing vegetables for our videoed Podcast to illustrate how we can connect to our intuition to understand what our body needs in the moment.

Did you know your body can talk to you?

Take a moment, right now to do this exercise: We want you to imagine that there is an invisible phone built into your chest near your heart. This invisible phone is a direct line to the voice inside you that comes from your body. Go pick up the phone and say, “Hello?” Notice the immediate connection you have to your body. Now ask it, “What’s going on in there?” And notice the rapid connection you just formed! Did you notice how intent you were listening to the other end of the phone line?

Why do we want our body to talk to us? Why do we want to talk to our body? What creates this 2-way conversation? Our Intuition!
What do we gain from talking to our body?

  • Trust or Confidence
  • Feeling Good!
  • Health & Vitality
  • Happiness & Inner Peace

What if you want to feel healthy in your body? How do you connect to your body and hear what it wants to share with you…so that you are EMPOWERED to create health?

Everything is energy, even your body is energy … and that Energy holds consciousness. When we ask our body what it wants, we are asking the consciousness stored in the cellular functions of the body. What does this mean? For example, let’s say your stomach hurts. Just what does your wrenching stomach have to say? The answers might not surprise you:

  • I don’t want to go to school because the teacher doesn’t understand me.
  • I don’t want to talk to my best friend because they keep whining about how bad their life is.
  • I’m frustrated that my coworkers are judging me…they do it every day.

Once you use your intuition to tune in, you have conscious awareness of what is bothering your body!

What do you do next?
Part of Intuition Technology is about creating an intention about how you want to feel in our body. What type of question would you like to ask your body, so that you are able to create a formula for feeling good?

Our 3-STEP FORMULA for Feeling Good in the Body

  • Set an intention to ask your intuition
  • Ask your body what it needs
  • Dive-in and allow your intuition to share what it is!

Step 1: Remember that a personal health question is best answered by your Intuition, your inner knowing –regardless of what everyone else says, your inner knowing does connect you to your body’s innate knowledge.

What does a body’s innate knowledge really mean? Innate knowledge is what you know about you! When you have a stomach ache, you need to remember that it isn’t always a physical root cause, like eating two-day old leftovers.

We as people already know that we often hold stress, fear, anxiety and trepidation in our gut. Understanding this, we can then can ask ourselves, “What might be going on in our lives to create this reaction in our stomach?”

Step 2: How do we ask questions of our body?

  • Keep it simple…yes or no questions work best.
  • Open to hearing what comes forth.
  • Let go of any thoughts of what you think or believe it is all about…let go of your “BECAUSES”
  • Allow space for the Truth of your stomach pain to emerge.

Step 3: When you DIVE INTO your INTUITION is important that you CENTER. What does Centering really mean?

  • Centering is…calming the mind of chatter.
  • Breathing is essential to releasing the BS that we told ourselves is the truth. Breathing helps us release the stuck energies.
  • Diminish the Attachment to Outcome MORE by experiencing everything in a state of wonder and abundant surprise.
  • Create less demanding through wondering. This means that you go with the flow and let things be revealed in the right and perfect time and stop using push energy which is about forcing things.

When we are demanding the body to tell us the right story, we can often get a breakdown of the relationship between ourselves and our intuition. The Demander in us shuts down the relationship. When we make demands on our body, e.g., “I demand my stomach get better right now” we’re putting pressure on our intuition to tell how to solve the problem. What you need to know or remember is that it can be more complex. For instance, if we rush the learning, we may miss the opportunity to explore the truth of the stomach pain. Perhaps at the time that the leftovers were eaten, there were emotions, judgments and demands that were unmet. Here are some considerations:

  • my body really wanted a fresh prepared meal (disappointment, sadness, “I can’t have what I want”)
  • my body had a desire for different food (unmet desire can create craving and disappointment)
  • my body hates leftovers (disappointment, anger at having to eat the same thing multiple times, aversion feelings)
  • these feelings and beliefs can bring up other feelings about life, others and self. These feelings can trigger old unmet needs, desires, wants and more. Noticing them means you can release and heal them, which is why it is super important to be in conversation with your body at all times.

And so, in combination with eating two-day old leftovers, you had these other emotions and thoughts going on at the same. If you rush the healing process and fail to listen to your intuition, you won’t hear those thoughts. If you miss the opportunity to see how:

emotions + thoughts + leftovers = stomach ache

…you could be bound to repeat this in the future.

Let’s briefly explore expectations about leftovers because what if the leftovers were high quality? Almost all people have beliefs around food and how food ages, beliefs about pathogens (mold, bacteria, etc) and whether the vital force energy is present in cooked food to name but a few beliefs someone could have about leftover food. Often we have to consciously release the ideas, judgments and beliefs around food to explore other possibilities. What if the food was organic, selected at its peak, from highly conscious suppliers, cooked to perfection with Love? When we assume something is bad, we have a projection on it and it can interfere with our listening of information, which is why we recommend people let go of the perceived consequences (which we call “limits of our thinking”) so that you can be open to experiencing the wonder we encourage.

Now that you know the formula and reason why you want to connect and listen to your body you can apply in many ways:

Intuition Technologies Exercise:

At your grocery store you can tune in and ask your body, “What would you like to eat for dinner tonight?”
To really get clear answers, here is a suggested formula for getting ready to receive your body’s suggestions:

  • Let go with all your “shoulds” and ideas that have been taught to you about “what dinner is all about –like meat and potatoes”, and go to neutral.
  • Set the intention to learn “What does my body really want to be healthy for today?”
  • Now ask a simple question: “Would you like to eat dinner today?” Stop and listen.
    • If your body says, for example, “I want a salad!” you could go to the next steps:
  • OK, thank you, now what kind of lettuce would you like? Romaine? Butter? Spring greens? Red leafy lettuce?”
  • OK, what else? Bell peppers? Red? Yellow? Green?
  • Onions?
  • Tomatoes?
  • Carrots?
  • Anything else? “NO!”
    • When your body’s intuition reaches a natural resistance to entertaining more questions, stop.

You may wish to learn more from your body, such as “Why are you picking these kinds of things?”

  • Do I need vitamins?
  • Water?
  • Fiber?
  • Minerals?
  • Energies?

Now you understand your formula is unlimited. With Intuition Technologies you can ask your body all kinds of simple yes/no questions and get loads of information. Keep in mind that your body’s needs are dynamic and always changing, so your answers will change daily. You can have an ongoing conversation with your body.

We invite each of you to answer the call your body is making to you! Pick up the proverbial phone!! You have the answers inside. You just have to listen to what it wants in each moment. This is how you create a beautiful relationship with your body and find peace and happiness and health.

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