In this Brain Integration Benefits podcast with excerpts below, recorded at Specialty Produce Network, founders Ashley Lee and Annie Kolatkar discuss the brain integration benefits. Anyone who listens to this podcast will receive the energy healing embedded in this recording.

Here are some excerpts from the Brain Integration Benefits podcast:

[…]Whole Health Healing is quite simple. Each person is made of energy on the Quantum and Atomic Levels. Our physical body has its own energy field –or bio-field; Our mental energetic body is comprised of all the thoughts we have –this includes judgments and beliefs that work with our brain to protect us and keep us alive. Our emotional energetic body contains the vibrations or frequencies of all the
emotions we have not released — and emotions come and go from this field as we shift and change. And finally, our fourth most common energetic body is the Spiritual energetic body. This is often referred to as the field that contains the soul and all its history and lessons. These four energetic bodies we call the PEMS –right? P for Physical, E for Emotional, M for Mental and S for Spiritual…well, the PEMS are given consideration when we look at Whole Health Healing to find root cause and relieve it.

[…]From these energetic bodies, we can then release root causes to facilitate healthy brain and nervous system function.

For example, the physical energetic body starts with the manifestation of a symptom, illness or condition. Discovery of the root cause is key to the healing process. We start with looking at which energetic body holds the root cause. In the Physical energetic body, we can find pathogens, toxins, poisons, etc.

In the Emotional body we can find stuck emotions that did not get expressed because a person didn’t know they could express them.

With the Mental energetic body we have beliefs around the way our body works, or doesn’t work, which does lead to many forms of physical dysfunction.

Inside the Spiritual energetic body we can find things such as…difficulty finding our life purpose, people pleasing, sleeping with the light on, unique fears and such.

[…] I want to explain that emotions are like glue in the tissues. They bond the frequencies of the emotions to the diseased state or illness in the body. When we talk about releasing discordant energies from tissues, we are actually dissolving the glue or the bond that keeps the tissues from functioning at optimal levels. Another aspect of this is that the nervous system doesn’t have to keep running into the cellular memory that created the respiratory distress. The cellular memory, in this little girl’s case was acting like an alarm clock. Every year, when her birthday rolled around, she would reproduce all the symptoms that happened at her birth. When we turned off the alarm clock the brain and nervous system no longer kept checking for the problem — and it no longer needed to carry out the replication of the symptoms because we the alarm was turned off. This is what we call, “Turning off the Trauma”.

The brain integration part of this is quite simple: without the trauma to track and replicate, resources in the brain have been freed up. This means the brain and nervous system will talk better with the cardiovascular and the respiratory system.

Brain Integration Benefits Podcast Exercise

Here’s a simplified healing exercise you can experience right now. It’s from the first program, the Foundation Brain Integration Program. While I guide you through this, Ashley and I will be doing Advanced Energy Healing in the background. And as this is recorded, whomever listens to this podcast can still receive the energy healing as it is embedded in this audio:

  • Take a moment now to breathe [PAUSE] and notice where in your body you have pain or an issue in your life.
  • Now say “I consciously open to understanding what is contributing to your underlying pain or issue..”
  • Next…Comfort your body for the uncomfortable feelings or emotions that are arising. Say, “I acknowledge my physical pain or emotional discomfort in my body…. and let my body know that it is okay that it is feeling that way.”
  • Now let your body know that “I’ve got this” and breathe out the pain or uncomfortable feelings.
  • Breathe in the healing energies to promote peace and confidence.
  • Say, “I can work through this”.
  • Now…we take a moment to notice what feels changed.
  • Notice how the stress response to the pain or issue has changed.
  • When you are ready…take a moment to center yourself and breath in your new state.

We hope you enjoyed our Brain Integration Benefits podcast. For more fascinating podcasts on advanced energy healing and highly sensitive people by Ashley Lee, please visit Center for Conscious Kids Podcasting Library at Specialty Produce Network.

Here’s to your good health and well-being!
-Annie & Ashley

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