What is Brain Integration and How Can I Benefit From It?

What is Brain Integration?
Brain integration basically means that the brain is listening to and interpreting correctly the nervous system electrical communications.

Brain integration literally is information received and delivered through brain cellular pathways that are unimpeded. So what does this mean?

There are multitudes of blockages that can impact efficient processing in the brain. Let’s delve in to what those could be and why they cause brain integration breakdown.

Physical Level
Most commonly, our nutrition is out of balance. We may eat unhealthy foods at unhealthy times and in unhealthy amounts (less or more depending on the consumer)./ Those foods and other environmental toxins can hugely affect cellular brain function.

Emotional Level
On the emotional level, our brain function or brain processing ability can be decreased by the way we feel about life in general. For example, if you didn’t sleep well through the night and you feel frustrated about that, that frustration causes interrupted signals through the nervous system and the brain, which results in increased levels of tiredness. Emotions can change or alter our brain chemistry. Brain chemistry includes hormones and neurotransmitters that get altered and dysfunctional in the nervous system.

Mental Level
Mentally, our thoughts, when we are stuck in beliefs about how our body and life in general works, keeps our brain chemistry stuck. For example, if you have a tendency to think analytically and logically, you are unconsciously working your left brain. You are building mental muscles in the left hemisphere and many times the right hemisphere get left behind. This creates hemispheric imbalances, and this could look like limited interest in art, music, intuition, and emotional awareness and understanding takes a dip.

Spiritual Level
When we get bogged down with “spiritual issues” we create a wide variety of problems on all levels. Spiritual issues can be anything from negative thought form energy that plagues us, conflicting or discordant energies, ancestral issues and entanglements, life lessons that keep repeating  –you name it, we’ve seen it. The suffering that occurs on this level is often rationalized by the brain. What we think we are in conflict with, is really driven by something else.

When multiple energetic levels are draining resources from the brain and nervous system, health begins to breakdown and fail. If the underlying problems do not get resolved or offered a resolution the disease state can enter the body.

How Can I Benefit From It?
Advanced Energy Healing work begins to restore the brain and nervous system to a state of greater balance and the body to wellness. It can do this by clearing and removing stuck energies in the entire body. Brain integration helps people change the path they are on immediately by supporting them in numerous ways so they can have the transformation they desire.

To conclude, everyone experiences compromised health. We clear obstacles to healing so the brain and nervous system integrate better to heal the body. If you desire to release the underlying root cause(s) for your pain or issue, please contact us. Our goal as healers is always to liberate you or your loved one(s) from pain and suffering.

To your health and healing,
Ashley Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN
Founder & Advanced Energy Healer