kahuna wisdom-mark saito-connecting with natureConnecting with Nature is an important part of your daily practice of self-care, nurturing and compassion. Many people ask me, “How do I connect with Nature?”

I learned how from my teachers.  They believe that every person has a spirit or a soul, and so do all things in Nature.  The best place to start connecting is by taking control of your breath.  To help you get centered, take a couple of deep and slow breaths.  Take your time, breathe in a full breath, and the breathing out, and breathe all the way out.  Pause, then take another full breath in, inhaling, hold it for a bit, and then breathing out, out, out and hold it for a moment.  They let your breathing become soft and smooth, and become quiet and still.

The next step is to start talking with Nature. It doesn’t have to be out loud, you can do it quietly, in your mind.  Use your ability to do telepathic messages, and send them to your plant, or tree, or mountain, maybe the water.  Tell Nature what you want.

You want to start connecting with the natural forces all around you.  Your starting point is stillness.  Teach your mind and your body to come to a quiet stillness.

VIDEO MEDITATION – Connecting with Nature is easy and Kahuna Mark “Manu” Saito will guide you to connect to the energy of the ocean in this beautiful video from Hawaii.

Connecting With Nature

You are learning to commune with plants and animals.  Like a Horse Whisper learns to communicate with Horses, teach yourself to commune with all of nature.  Stand, be patient.  Sit if it takes a while to get the attention of those with whom you want to connect with.  When you feel it is right, start to talk or dialogue with the tree, or the rock, of the wind, or the ocean water.  Not out loud, quietly in your head, in your mind.  Stand quietly and wait for an answer.  Respond with the right amount of force and energy.  Honestly, as you will see, it will only take a short moment, and then will be surprised how easy it is to talk with them, and listen to what they have to say.  Mostly it will be you listening.

If you find it difficult practice stillness be patient. Practice standing or sitting in stillness.  Meditate.  If you don’t know how to meditate, take classes, go online and look for it.  Learn to listen.  Listen to the words that are not spoken, and hear not with your ears, but with your inner listening ability.

PODCAST – To listen to Kahuna Mark “Manu” Saito talk about connecting to nature with Ashley Lee, click here.

kahuna wisdom-mark saito-connecting with nature
Wait For Your Invitation To Connect

When it is the right time, reach out and connect with the tree, or the stone.  But only when you are invited.  It’s very much like reaching out and connecting with another human being who is a stranger to you.  Not so nice to just walk up and touch someone whom you don’t know.  Later, once you know each other, and you have developed a relationship, than that is a different story.  But for now, you are still getting to know each other.
Have a reason for connecting with Nature.  If it is a tree, find out what it is inside of you that you are wanting to achieve.  The natural world will teach you if you allow it.  It can and will support you once you acknowledge them as unique and sovereign individuals, and treat them with respect.  One of the things that you will learn is that many trees have a unique ability to take any negative energy that we have in our bodies and ground it.  They can if they choose become like a sponge and suck all the negative stuff right out of your body, and it doesn’t hurt them.  Not all of them and just because one tree, say a coconut tree was willing to do that, it doesn’t automatically mean that all coconut trees will do that.  Learn to ask for what you want, and then LISTEN to their answer.

If you want to learn from water, or the ocean, learn to listen.  Practice stillness.  This is one of the most important skills that you can develop within you is STILLNESS.  This skill and ability will help you gain easy access to so much of the spirit world via your intuitive senses, you will be amazed at what you can do once you learn to be still.  It will also help you to master your body, your mind and the physical Universe.  Learn the beauty of connecting with Nature.  However, be prepared for how she responds, and what she might ask of you.  It could be that she needs help from the two leggeds.

kahuna wisdom-mark saito-connecting with nature, ocean energy

What one thing can you do right now to begin connecting with Nature?

When was the last time you found yourself connecting with Nature and you felt healed?

Kahuna Mark “Manu” Saito