Energy exchanges happen all day long and in many ways that are often hidden from our conscious mind leaving us to wonder why we feel so bad. When we have unconscious patterns of giving away our power, we drop those energy levels through the floor. Instead, we are going to reveal simple ways to own your power, so that you can provide constant, open energy flows and expansion of health & vitality 24/7!

Listen to a radio blog cast where Ashley Lee and Annie Kolatkar are featured on News for the Soul Radio on this subject. Advanced energy healers Ashley Lee and Annie Kolatkar will explore interesting places where we deplete our power through energy exchanges all day long. When we have unconscious patterns of giving away our Power, we drop those energy levels through the floor. Instead, we are going to reveal simple ways to own your Power, so that you can provide constant, open energy flows and expansion of health & vitality 24/7! Click Here to Listen: “Owning Your Power

Energy Exchanges, Owning Your Power


What does this mean when we say, “we give away our Power all the time!

I have a deep and personal story I will share…

Everyone told me I was giving away my power and I didn’t understand this for decades. Even acknowledging it for the first time today I feel emotional that I didn’t always stand in my power.

  • I didn’t understand that I had a CONFLICT with each loss of power…
  • I believed Others and Life Circumstances were the source of my feelings
  • I went into denial of my conflict energies.
  • Just because I was able to vent about my emotional state didn’t mean I got my power back
  • Then I learned that conflicts have hidden soul level agreements or contracts as part of their structure.
  • It is in the releasing and forgiving of those conflicts and proclaiming myself SOVEREIGN from the conflict that I got power back.

Let’s take a look at where we experience some power losses from energy exchanges:

  • Expressing emotions is not necessarily standing in our power.
  • It’s also not the truth of the situation.
  • Why typical emotional therapy is sometimes ineffective: People vent from their mental or spiritual energetic body and don’t always include the emotional body in therapy. Which can sometimes explain why they still get re-triggered emotionally by similar data.

Take a moment to look at your own life and notice: where in your day do you Consciously or Unconsciously giving away your power or have a negative energy exchange?

Just by reading this blog article, you have the opportunity to receive Energy Healing to support you in noticing where our power is lost and regained.

For example, you want to look for common ways you give your power away to others who are closest to you because you may feel or believe they made you feel a certain way. This is where a part of us forgot that Others and Life Circumstances are NOT the Source of our Feelings. Just noticing Conflict in your life is the first step to honestly assessing each instance that you give away your power. Right? Just noticing this makes changing easier when you have awareness.

Just look around you in this moment and notice 3 things that you have a conflict with. Perhaps it is something on your to-do list that never got done. Maybe it’s a dirty monitor screen or junk mail on your desk that needs to be reviewed and recycled…whatever it is, just notice 3 or more and label it “A Conflict”. These areas are where you had an energy exchange through judgments.

Now you are standing in your power! You just shifted your perception of what is in front of you. Instead of emotionally reacting to it, you are now seeing it differently. You’re seeing it as a Conflict. NOW you can do something about it to take back your power. Your significant other may never change and may never take out the trash, but your response to their not doing it can change. And I’ll show you how.

What I share next may come as a surprise to some of you. Many of our readers are healers, light workers or just highly consciously aware people who have many spiritual practices that take their power away. Here are some energy exchanges that we find quite common:

1.) Trading Sovereignty for Protection Energy
– What happens when we come from fear
– Calling on angels, guides, Gods, St. Michael: Note: Angels are doing protection different now.
– Consider doing this differently! Ask them to Provide GUIDANCE: Note: Look for the root cause of your fear and heal this.

2.) Running Victim Energy
– Entanglements from family
– Entity driven
– Suppression codes in your DNA
– Releasing it forever (DO IT NOW: “I release all the ways in which I am ….”)
– I recognize that I have a CHOICE to remain in the CONFLICT or CHOSE to RELEASE IT.

3.) Suppression Energy – Personal, Others and Life Circumstances Perspectives
– On the Physical = I don’t want to feel the pain → we end up blocking the healing energy → this creates brain and nervous system obstacles.
– On the Emotional = I don’t want to feel these uncomfortable emotions; I don’t know what to do with these emotions.
– On the Mental = I don’t want to think, I don’t want to hear what I’m thinking, I’m sick of my negative thoughts…but powerless to change them although I’ve tried.
– On the Spiritual = I’m getting cynical. I don’t want to bother with my soul lessons and ignore them.

Energy exchanges, owning your power

Now make a Proclamation of Sovereignty for all your energetic bodies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

  • Acknowledge you have a Conflict
  • Release all projections, judgments and beliefs from them to you, from you to them and any self-limiting beliefs or self-judgments you have towards yourself. Release any Agreements you went into.
  • Release the conflict and all its components and conditions…let it all go!
  • Forgive the conflict. “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.”
  • Proclaim yourself sovereign and let the others in the conflict know that they can be sovereign too.
  • Shine this truth to yourself and others.

Ashley and I work together on cases both medical and emotional to release the underlying root cause.

  • We empower others to heal themselves.
  • We give people tools to support them in changing or transforming their lives in a short period of time.
  • We also offer online group healing sessions. Show me more!

If you or a loved on needs help reclaiming your power and identifying the ways in which you are making negative energy exchanges and want support in standing in your power, we are here to help. Please use our contact form to reach out and we will contact you.

Warmest wishes,
Annie & Ashley