Mysterious Illness Solved by Advanced Energy Healing

Since our brains are wired for survival, our greatest fear might be the fear of dying. And what could be worse than a mysterious illness that might cause an early demise if not caught early and treated successfully?  When physical symptoms fail to be diagnosed by traditional medicine despair, anxiety and depression can set in fast the longer it persists.  The truth is, all of us have had weird or unusual symptoms at one time or a mysterious illness sprung upon us for brief to long periods of time. 

When we cannot rationalize our experience it tends to be crazy making. And I’ve yet to find someone who doesn’t want to know what is wrong with them, because our brains are quick to judge and rationalize each and every experience to make a survival determination.

Where The Problem Lies
A mysterious illness is easily comforted and relieved by Advanced Energy Healing. From the perspective of Advanced Energy Healing, a quick look in the morphogenic field reveals where the root cause is located and then symptom by symptom, we can relieve each problem until wellbeing is restored in a person’s entire ecology or multiple bio-fields.

All of us have four basic bio-fields, namely the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energetic bodies. Each of these bodies contain information about a person including what is creating the mysterious illness. Advanced Energy Healing can access the unconscious mind through these bio-fields and release the underlying emotional, mental and spiritual root causes which un-does the mysterious illness and accompanying symptoms on the physical.

In family and medical constellation work, the story behind the root cause can often be obtained, which is often helpful for the soul to process for learning and addressing all the questions that naturally come with a mysterious illness.

  • Why/How did this happen to me?
  • What triggered this?
  • What was my body trying to tell me?
  • Will it happen again?
  • Do I have what my grandmother had?
  • Will my children or grandchildren have this happen to them?

Case Study
A client presented with a skin issue. Symptoms including extreme itching, redness, rash, plasma-oozing, highly sensitive, raw irritated skin. Everything was ruled out from bacterial, viral, fungal, allergies, contact irritants, auto-immune –you name it, it was tested. It was discovered that a “highly irritating” experience in the client’s personal life was at the root cause. There were multiple layers of clearing that needed to happen and the client needed to stand in their power or True Nature. Once the client released the discordant energies and their belief that “others and life circumstances were the source of their feelings”, the skin condition cleared up shortly thereafter.


People do heal their mind, body and soul and get on with the business of enjoying life and stop living in despair, anxiety and depression from an undiagnosed mysterious illness.  If you or a loved one are suffering from a mysterious illness and would like to release it from your body, you have found the help you need now. Freeing the body from the unconscious mind liberates your entire experience.

Warmest regards,
Annie Peterson-Kolatkar
Founder & Advanced Energy Healer