Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Dear Program Participant,

The Brain Integration Institute takes great care to develop high quality services and programs for our clients.  Our intention is to produce excellent programs born of our comprehensive research. Our research has been thoroughly tested and as a result, we are anticipating exciting transformation and healing in more people’s lives than ever before.

We want you to be satisfied with your experience. We truly believe we will have shifted energy for you on many levels (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual), and if you still feel you did not get your needs met by us or our guest healers, please follow the detailed guidelines below and we will be happy to refund your money on the following products and services as stated:

We do not offer refunds for mp3 downloads, meditations, mini-courses or eBooks. Additionally, there are no refunds for the VIP programs or one-on-one energy healing sessions.

When requesting healing refunds on the following programs:

  • Brain Integration Foundation
  • Healing Physical Trauma to the Brain
  • Healing Mental and Emotional Issues
  • Healing the Diseased Brain
  • Advanced Wisdom Programs

If you believe you have not received the desired result within the 30 day “healing window” that we ask you to take to allow for changes to occur, Brain Integration Institute will refund 50% of your purchase price. You must complete the entire program you paid for as laid out in the program description. Only one program will be considered for a refund and must be requested  within two-weeks after the 30-day healing window. A refund will be issued after you make a request in writing to:

There are no refunds for leaving the online conference early. Once enrolled, you will receive the full benefit of the energy healing sessions we provide. As we like to say, “Winner need not be present to win.” We plan to record each program and make it available to participants within 24-48 hours via email, however, we cannot make guarantees for the online conference or internet providers being able to fulfill their part of the process.

On the rare occasion that technical difficulties occur on our end we will make every effort to communicate via email and provide an alternate date for participation. If no future date is scheduled and a program is canceled, we will refund your money 100%.

The bottom line is that we know that this will be a wonderful experience for all of us. You are deeply appreciated. Thank you for the honor of allowing us to work with you and on your behalf.

In gratitude and love,
The Founders