Where Is My Happiness…and How to Get Your Happiness Back

Where is my happiness? –is a good place to start asking questions. If you’re ever in the state of fear and anxiety, depression, anger or have lost hope you have displaced happiness. The most common answer, albeit a tad trite to those in pain and suffering is “Happiness is Within”. This answer is hard to hear in those painful moments, isn’t it?

I have a question for you: How many times have you tried to go within to find your happiness and came up empty?

Most people don’t have a road map to go within and get the answer to happiness, but we are going to share it with you right now. And, as you read, and learn how to get your happiness back, you will receive advanced energy healing. This will help you connect to your internal road map in finding Happiness Within.

Others and Life Circumstances are not the Source of my feelings, I am.The First Step To Creating Organic Happiness

The first thing to realize is that “Others and Life Circumstances are not the source of my feelings, I am.” When you understand that no one is making you feel the way you do, you can then begin to understand where you gave your power away.

The next step is to know the three areas we give away our power. When you ask “Where is my happiness?” you are really asking, “Where did I give away my power?”  Here is the answer; you give it away to:

1. Objects
2. Others
3. Self

Objects (and Life Circumstances)

When we don’t get the toy we wanted as kids, we might have thrown a tantrum out of anger, frustration and a sense of loss. As adults we may feel envy at a friend getting a nicer car or home and judge ourselves as not being enough or having enough to be able to do the same. Consequently, this is a double-dip in the pain-and-loss-of-power department because we experienced not having an object and judged ourselves.

Life Circumstances is a tough one for most people. It is easier to blame the economy, the politicians, the haters, religion, gangs and more for the things that happen to you and others. You may have been born during a time of financial ruin, oppression or famine or war and it changed everything for you and your family. When we continue to blame our circumstances, we are not Sovereign. Therefore, when we are not Sovereign we believe Life has control over us, which is not true.


This area is the single most common for discovering the loss when searching for “where is my happiness”?  We’ve been lead to believe that others “make” us feel the way we do, but that is not true. They are Influencers. They roll out the red carpet for us to walk down and choose the loss of power and emotional state of unhappiness.

For example, take a comedian or clown. They may go through an entire routine to try and make you laugh, but unless you make a decision about them being funny, you will not laugh. The decision about whether or not they are funny might have been made in a split second and you may not or you may have realized it at the time, but a defining thought was made about it and you either walked down the red carpet of being entertained or not.

Another example, for those of you that don’t like clowns or comedians, is a significant other or child living in your home who routinely does not listen to you. It often brings up victim energy and many negative or discordant feelings. Why is this? When we believe the other person is intentionally ignoring us, purposefully rejecting our requests we can easily go into a multitude of painful feelings.

This is why it is so important to remember that “Others and Life Circumstances are not the Source of my feelings, I am.”


Here is one of the most overlooked areas to the question where is my happiness. Because we make self-judgments and have self-limiting beliefs we deprive ourselves of happiness at every turn.

To release some of the self-judgments, try releasing the Agreements you went into with Others about what they thought about you. These can be parents, siblings or other family members, doctors, teachers, coworkers and more. Release their projections, judgments and beliefs about you and your agreements with them.

For the simple things in life try this. The next time you “mess up” or make a mistake take a deep breath and say ‘oops’ instead of going into self-judgment. If you went into self-judgment, stop and say, “Correction! I take that back. That’s an ‘oops’ and I’m sorry I judged myself.” Eventually, you will take a deep breath before judging yourself and not do that anymore. Then one day you might realize you stopped judging yourself completely.

Hawaiian Forgiveness Prayer “Ho’oponopono”

On the bigger issues in life, where there are deep agreements I recommend the Hawaiian Forgiveness Prayer “Ho’oponopono”. It goes like this:

I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
I love you.
Thank you.

This works on the level of clearing the energies that are in your memory cells and physical tissues of the body. It works to clear the energetic ties between yourself and others. It clears your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energetic bodies from judgments and beliefs. The judgments and beliefs create discordant energies in your body and Awareness. This is a powerful method to practice daily.

Another powerful thought is to meditate on this statement: “I am Spirit, whole and innocent, forgiven and released.” The Truth is that you are Spirit. When you stand in your True Nature, which is Love, you are connected to the state of heaven –peace, happiness, joy and love.

We Can Help You Answer The Question, “Where Is My Happiness?”

If you struggle with being happy, we are here to help in a multitude of ways. In as little as one session, you can release a wide variety of discordant energies and be clear of some of your most painful experiences. Let us help you determine what would be the most efficient course of healing action for you. We offer complimentary consultations (free; 15-mins; use our contact form to connect and schedule) and initial consultation (paid; 60-min) with two healers.

In the initial consultation, you will receive a comprehensive medical and intuitive reading to identify where the root cause of your pain and suffering lies. A care plan will be created to deliver the most comprehensive care through our innovative Advanced Energy Healing Programs. You will receive healing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels from the moment we connect.

Awaken To Life Program

If you want to be Self-Empowered and take charge of your happiness for the rest of your life (and might even want to help others such as your loved ones), we highly recommend you take the Awaken to Life Program which has four amazing 90-minute programs that teach you how to heal yourself and others.

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Wishing you happiness always!

Warmest regards,
Annie Kolatkar
Founder & Advanced Energy Healer

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