Is My Child Psychic and How Can I Support My Child?



Is my child psychic?

Annie Peterson-Kolatkar and Ashley Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN together will assess your child and their level of sensitivity to help you as parents understand their innate abilities and gifts. It is important to know what it means to be a Highly Sensitive Person, both from the child’s perspective and that of the parents.

Which type of psychic child do you have?
1.) Sensitive to their feelings of the energies they take in through their senses whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.
2.) Sensitive to their gifts. This includes sensory overwhelm of the information coming in.

Within these two group are a multitude of options. Interdimensional walkers (those that experience multiple states of awareness at the same time), telepaths, empaths on multitudes of levels, visual –have the ability to see thought forms and energies around objects and people to name just a few. There are kids that can transmute energies, act as healers and communicate with a wide variety of frequencies. In our vast experience, we have discovered that these children are natural born heart-centered leaders. Therefore, it is crucial to understand that these children need management skills which are tools and strategies rather than utilizing coping mechanisms to deal with some of the sensory overwhelm. These children need support to understand their impact on the world.

Is My Child Psychic?
Together with you on the phone or via video conferencing, we will discuss their experiences and other clues that you have observed over their lifetime. We find parents, especially the mother, have insights about their young ones even in the womb when the connection is strong.
We will offer you a customize support plan for you and your child because each child is unique in their abilities, challenges and life circumstances. One size does not fit all, and we honor and respect each child’s gifts and opportunities.

When parents ask us, “Is my child psychic?” we rejoice! Not until now, in the 21st century, have children had a chance to be supported, to feel more comfortable in their bodies, with the kind of help we can offer. We will empower you as parents to support them and launch your children on a path of success to be free to be themselves with all their beautiful gifts.

Initial Interview & Discovery Session: 90-minutes
– We will read your child to answer the question “is my child psychic”
– We will list their abilities and give perspective to the depth of their abilities and gifts
– We immediately supporting you with tools and strategies for managing their most pressing need
– Choose one option from this list for this session: entity clearing for child, entity clearing for home or soul part retrieval with deepest soul conflict clearing
– A recommendation will be made about next steps. This may include, release of suppression energies that made them feel, for example, small, different and not okay to be themselves. Advanced energy healing for the wounding a child may have experienced for being different, intuitive, not knowing how to express fully with confidence their abilities (eg, talking too much, telling too much to others without tact or understanding of how the receiver will understand the information given by your child.)

What Age Does My Child Have To Be To Participate?
We have 5 and 7 year olds experiencing these conflicts within themselves that we are working with. We have a pregnant mother who has already determined that her unborn child is psychic and is communicating with her. We’ve worked with children and teens of all ages who see ghosts and other entities.

Investment: $500


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