Change your brain change your life new brew to wake up your brainHere is a daily process that changes your brain and changes your life. We’re talking about the “The New Brew for Waking Up Your Brain.”


Ashley crafted this downright amazing morning practice.  She had clients that were having extreme difficulty getting their day started. They were stuck in their to-do list, had monkey-brain, inertia had set up, adrenal fatigue had set in before their feet hit the floor. Can you even imagine that?

When she got them to start doing this little, effortless process, while lying down in bed –trying to summon up the energy to start their day something phenomenal happened. They became centered, more grounded in the now moment, which allowed them to make clear choices for their day. They were more compassionate for themselves and others around them instead of being judgmental about things happening to them or others.

They learned they had choice to feel the way they would like to feel no matter what the situation. This is HUGE!!! They reframed their brain and nervous system to look for what was positive vs always being on guard to fix the negative. Again, this is HUGE!!! [Scroll down to keep reading.]

PODCAST: Episode 63 – Change Your Brain – Change Your Life with the New Brew to Wake Up Your Brain is now available!






When: Do this in the first 5 to 10-mins of waking in the morning, do it every time you feel down or “not yourself”!

1.  Gratitude. Notice a grateful thing inside you. Notice another outside of you. This centers you in deep compassion –for yourself and others. It also creates better brain chemistry that makes you feel better.

2.  Notice what feels GOOD in your body. This reframes your thinking to notice what is positive in your Life to reframe your mind from negative thinking first. When we first notice what is good… we will tend to give time and energetic attention to the good and it expands!

3.  Notice what does NOT feel good in your body?
Notice that part and listen to it, directly. Ask it what it needs…. it will tell you!
Every single cell in your body has innate intelligence that you can access. Promise.
Hear its call, give it Love and Nurturing, and then give it what it asks for or needs.
This is to accurately address what is needed and to correct those imbalances from a balanced state.

4.  What is your Theme –or Emotional centering point that you can access at any time of the day. This is because You are the Source of your Feelings and you create any feeling you desire, after you have let go the uncomfortable feelings and re-embody your chosen theme feelings to solve the problem or conflict at hand, gives you a centered point from which this reframes your thinking.

And that’s it! 4 simple things to think about while you are waking up.

This process is so easy, I have started teaching this to my young son. And we use the gratitude part to end our day before falling asleep. Both of my children are asked, “What are you grateful for that happened today?”

Give yourself a week to notice what changes for you.

Please SHARE with us about what you noticed here in the comments, via email or on Facebook. We love hearing from so many of you!

We’re here to help you change your brain and nervous system so you can have a better life experience. Give that “NEW BREW” a try tomorrow morning.

Warmest regards,
Annie & Ashley

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