Healing your soul with Family Constellation Therapy is a great first step for rediscovering your happiness. This beautiful soul work was developed by Bert Hellinger in Germany post WWII which I have enhanced it with other changework technologies from advanced energy healing, Linguistics- and Conflict Resolution Therapy- for the Soul. [Scroll down to keep reading.]

PODCAST: Episode 57: The 1st Step to Rediscovering Your Happiness is by Healing Your Soul – Family Constellation Therapy Facilitator Annie Peterson-Kolatkar discusses how constellations can support children and their families.

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family constellation therapy, advanced energy healing, Annie Kolatkar, healing your soul, family walking the dogWhat’s On Your Father’s Side That Is Affecting You and Your Children?

Father’s side in the Universal sense offers families strength in terms of providing for the family. Father’s side relates to how we put a roof over our head, food on our table and keeping the family secure and together. Events that hit the line of fathers in a family can send a ripple effect down the line of descendants whereby they struggle in their careers, with money and finances, supporting themselves and their family and connection in marriage.

What’s On Your Mother’s Side That Is Affecting You and Your Children?

The line of mothers lends itself to love, marriage and relationships to others. Problems upstream, in the ancestral line create discord in love, difficulty conceiving children, manifesting love that is deep and nourishing along with health problems specific to women.

Children often get entangled with their parents and grandparents, in an unworkable attempt to try and fix them. This is done out of love and loyalty to the family system, to those who belong in the system from victims to perpetrators, lost loves and more. These entanglements can be destructive to their health and happiness when they try to replicate what they are trying to fix. This is all unconscious and working as a hidden force in their lives. More entanglements reveal themselves in adults than in childhood because they have more liberty to act out on behalf of the one they are trying to heal.

family constellation therapy, advanced energy healing, Annie Kolatkar, healing your soul, mother's sideMedical Constellations

We use the constellation format for exploring health issues and there is no limit to what we can check in on. This elegant process helps clients gain profound insights into their disease, the drugs or remedies they use, the emotions the body is holding onto and can give a voice to the root cause of any illness. This process in combination with Conflict Resolution Therapy for the Soul creates near spontaneous healing.

How It Supports Health and Wellbeing In The Family

When families work on healing the soul of the family everyone benefits. Healing the soul of individuals shifts everyone. Clearing soul level conflicts creates shifts in consciousness that raise the frequency of the individual and others in relationship to the individual experience the difference.

Are You Interested In Doing A Constellation For Yourself?

Constellations are fascinating experiences! The first time I attended one I was mesmerized and fascinated beyond words. As a facilitator, I see many personal stories, and no two are alike; and each healing has a glorious ripple effect in the soul of the family going forwards and backwards.

  • Have love and marriage work better for you
  • Gain clarity about your career and finances
  • Heal chronic or mysterious illnesses and other inherited diseases
  • Support children’s happiness and health
  • Interventions for children and young adults in life threatening situations

family constellation therapy, advanced energy healing, Annie Kolatkar, healing your soul, heart made from handsIf you want to work on healing your soul’s spiritual concerns:

  • Multidimensional constellations
  • Past life* constellations
  • Energetic body clearings
  • Multi-generational entity clearings
  • Reincarnation and Righteous Anger Re-Solutions
  • Learn what dimension you came through and where you are from
  • Soul Parts work

We pin point with surgical accuracy the finding of spiritual root causes of Self and all bodies, others or life circumstances and heal it.

Healing Your Soul With Family Constellation Therapy

Please listen to the podcast listed above for more information. If you would like to schedule a constellation today to work on healing your soul, please use the Contact Form here. I work globally over Skype or Zoom video conferencing. If you are in the Los Angeles area we can discuss working in person. You may click this link purchase a Private Session to work on healing your soul with Annie Kolatkar.  Read her bio here.

Warmest regards,
Annie & Ashley

*I try not to use the phrase Past Life as I work outside of Time & Space and all incarnations, whether in a human body or not, are accounted for all-at-once. Instead, I like the phrase Concurrent Lifetimes.

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