Kahuna Wisdom, Ho'oponopono cleaningHo’oponopono cleaning is similar to house cleaning. You start at the top and work your way down. You would clean the ceiling, then top of the windows, the furniture then the floor. The process of cleaning can be done as an individual or as a team. Everything is in its proper place. It can be done on a person or a place.

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For a person, it is a deep root cleaning. We look at symptoms, on the surface where the chaos is, but with Ho’oponopono cleaning, we following the symptom on the surface and trace the root all the way down to the root cause.

When I work with a family, each person has their own issues –what they are concerned about but the entire family is affected by aka (pron: “Ah-kah”). Aka are the energetic cords that tie us together and “hewa” (pron: Heh-vah) which is all the pulling, pushing and shoving of angry words back and forth. Once all the discordant energies have been cleared in the family as a whole, they can begin to rebuild their relationships.

Ho’oponopono cleaning means, in the classic sense, conflict resolution. The reason we must do Ho’oponopono cleaning is that it cleans the soul and as a direct result, the physical and emotional energetic bodies of negative and discordant energies that have been absorbed but are unresolved by the person.

Consider the sea anemone. When food floats by or land on its center, it moves its tentacles to enclose the food and begins the process of absorbing the food similar to digestion of a fly in the Venus Fly Trap plant. As humans, we have an experience of coming in contact with unpleasant exchanges with others, animals and life circumstances. These experiences can be traumatic and wound people on a multitude of levels. Not all experiences are bad, but the unpleasant ones have the deepest influence on our life. If we don’t take the time to process the bad experiences the energies can be replayed and similar data can fire off similar painful emotions.
Kahuna Wisdom, Ho'oponopono cleaningIn the Ho’oponopono cleaning the easiest thing to do is make a list. List all the things that have caused you harm, depression, anger, grief or sadness, etc.  Include people, places and things or events, such as, it happened in a car crash. If you know the date, include that. Then go right into the prayer.

Ho’oponopono Cleaning Prayer:

Divine Creator, Father, Mother, Son as one,
I, [fill in your name], wish to do Ho’oponopono between myself, and [fill in name of other person or all the names of the people, places, things or events on this list].
For them, cleanse, sever, cut, release, transmute and return all the discordant and negative energies to the path of pure light.

Take a breath in. Consciously stand in your power and then declare out loud with gentle force, “Ha!” –and move your hand, palm down, from your heart to a fully stretched out arm to your side, with the intent of cutting away everything that is not serving your Highest Good and moving it out of your space.

Say out loud, “Mahiki” (pron: Maaa-Hee-Key), which means “time for you* to leave”
*you means the discordant energies

They are set free, I am set free, we are all set free, and it is done!

Take a moment to do this. You may adopt this as part of your daily practice to clean or clear yourself of negative attachments. We’re here to help or support you in connecting with the painful memories of people, places, things or events so that it is a gentle process completed with comforting energies and the spirit of aloha so you can process in peace and harmony. Click here to use the contact page to reach us.

Kahuna Mark Manu Saito

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