Our opinion is that protection energy is bad or non-resourceful especially when you are trying to heal. Protection energy is a defense mechanism and people use it because they don’t feel safe, strong or able. When people call on protection energy, they are not standing in their power or true nature. The truth is that our bodies are strong, capable and vital for wellness! (Scroll down to keep reading)

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Were not talking about the good kind of protection energy, like wearing a safety helmet while rollerblading or a seat belt while being in a car. We’re talking about the subtle aspects of protection energy where we feel unsafe with our bodies, minds, emotions, spiritual and energetic.

3 Reasons Why Protection Energy Is Bad

  1. It blocks the healing energy you seek. Here is an example of how protection energy blocks your healing intention. Ashley has a client who loves energy healing work but felt that it wasn’t working as she had hoped it would. Upon deeper review, in her past someone had psychically stalked her which made her angry and she felt violated by the experience. She put major protection energy around herself and her home in a rather complex manner and successfully scrambled her location. Unfortunately, it also meant that she lost trust in letting energy in, even if it was good healing energy.
  2. It is rooted in victim or fear energies. This is a consciousness problem. When a person doesn’t feel safe and fear the worst of people –or of pathogens and toxins and believe they need protection. On the physical level, for example, this may be using vaccines to create protection of the physical body. Pharmaceutical and government marketing aside, the deeper belief in the use of vaccines is that our body is not able to handle illness or disease.
  1. It disempowers you. The moment you believe some body or something can hurt you, you have given your power away.

3 Ways To Solve The Problems For Wanting Protection Energy

  1. Daily Self Care. When we have a practice that connects us with our Inner Guidance and helps us stand in our power, we end up resourcing ourselves with support, love, patience, understanding and compassion. When we develop much deeper levels of connectedness and real time feedback from our bodies and learn higher levels of confidence to recognize what our bodies need in the moment.
  2. Relieve or Remove Stress. The desire for protection comes from real or perceived stressors. But when we change our consciousness those stressors are mitigated, and we don’t get sick. When we listen to the insight and awareness our bodies offer us through a self-care process, and we give our bodies what they need in the moment and it diminishes the stress. When stress is lowered, ill-states virtually leave a person’s experience.
  3. Stand in your power. When you drop the need for protection energy you are fully standing in your power. And there are other ways in which you can increase your ability to stand in your power.
  • Physically – more rest, movement and interaction with the world around us.
  • Emotionally – finding and noticing deeper emotional wisdom in our lives by sharing and experiencing emotions that give us indicators of what is needed and responding to nurturing those needs.
  • Mentally – taking moments to open and listening to our unconscious thought patterns that may not serve us and learning how to restructure those limiting belief patterns in to higher levels of potentials of living freely with a lack of suppression in our lives.
  • Spiritually – developing a daily practice to “connect” to nature, others, our inner selves and deepen the connection to our own inner guidance that which the kids commonly refer to as my “inside self”.

What To Do When Life Feels Scaryprotection energy

When feeling unstable, unsafe and in the need for protection energy, just close your eyes, take a deep breath…and think this thought:

“When I ask for or transmit protection energy it delays my healing or that of others.”

Placing Protection Energy On Others

Have you given protection energy to others? We recognize that nine times out of ten this is done out of love and also fear for the other person’s survival or good health. Sometimes this is done through prayers of protection, placing angels or guardians with others, surrounding them with energy. When we believe another, no matter how small the person, that they are not able to be in their power, fully resourcing themselves for healing their own body or life, we project that on them. In transmitting projection energy on them, it dis-empowers the person from healing themselves.

Have others given you protection energy? Examine what they have projected on you. They may have projected that you couldn’t care for, protect or heal yourself. They may have seen you disempowered or not enough. Often this comes through Prayers of Protection and it is always well meaning.

A New Perspective

Transition and turn that around. Seek guidance, support and resources for empowerment rather than protection. Replace with your old perspective or projections with Divine Witnessing whereby you see the person as whole, empowered, standing in their true nature which is Love. The truth is that no one is weak or powerless, not even a premature baby.

Continue to empower yourself with self-healing tools and use the Conflict Resolution Therapy for the Soul™ to release the self-limiting judgments and beliefs that keep you in the disempowered state.  We have listed all the resources on one page for your convenience here. You have amazing ability to heal yourself when you take back your power, release protection, suppression, victim and victim attractor energies, judgments and beliefs from all angles and levels and truly clear your energetic bodies of discordant energies and shine from standing in your true nature.

We’re here to support you on your healing journey. If there is something we can help you with, reach out to us on our contact page.

Warmest regards,

Annie & Ashley

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